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Power operations control center



We can help you configure, troubleshoot, and maintain Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Whether its monarch, Siemens Spectrum, or GE Grid we can help you get it deployed, upgraded, and tuned faster than  any other contractor and sometimes even faster than the OEM.

Enterprise Integration

Do you have data in one database or system and need it moved to another system? Do you need more robust visibility and monitoring on data imports, transformations, or exports? We've got experience with Enterprise Service Buses, integration toolkits and all kinds of custom integration solutions. We're happy to lend a hand.


Need help running and getting more value out of advanced applications in an Energy Management System (EMS) such as State Estimation, Contingency Analysis, or Automatic Generation Control? Our team of experts can provide quick assistance no matter what your need.

Custom Applications

SCADA, EMS, and Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) software vendors can't always keep up with the high level of customization needed for an operations control center. If you need help updating or writing a new custom application, we've got your back! We can often complete these in less than a quarter of the time of your OEM SCADA, EMS, or ADMS vendor.


A Geographic Information System (GIS) or a Network Model Manager (NMM) is often at the heart of a modern operations control center. Utility engineering teams end up spending valuable time managing and maintaining them. Let our teams assist you so that your teams can get back to what they're best at rather than burning time on tedious data management.

Other Projects

Engineering staff is often limited at a generation, transmission, or distribution operation control centers. Whether you need help onsite or remotely, we're willing to get our hands dirty configuring systems, testing, writing code, updating displays, or anything else you might need. 


Straightforward, honest, and no bullshit


per hour

Regardless of what type of engineering work we're doing, our rate will always be the same.


If we can't complete the work, you don't pay. Hours are invoiced monthly with full description of completed work that occurred during the billed hours.

Our engineering service contracts have agreed upon "not to exceed" caps to help you control your costs. 

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